delek is a local community with a shared interest in Shambhala teachings and community. People who have made a connection with the Shambhala teachings, whether through Shambhala Training weekends, Buddhist Studies classes or simply received meditation instruction and find coming to the DC Center a good way to maintain their connection to their meditation practice can use the local delek as a way to find others in their own neighborhoods who have also made this connection.

Each delek will evolve to meet the needs of each neighborhood. This could include looking out for one another, dining and studying together, or engaging in local service-based activities. Each delek will have a local Dekyong, or leader, who will organize meetings and communicate with the Head Dekyong who sits on the DC Shambhala Council. This organization facilitates communications between the council and the neighborhoods (deleks) in both directions. Information about what is happening in the deleks comes to the Council by way of the local Dekyongs meetings with the Head Dekyong, and information flows to the deleks from the Head Deyong to the local Dekyongs. The Head Dekyong will eventually be selected by the local Dekyongs as a progression of leadership within the Shambhala Sangha (community).

The view or mission of the deleks is to foster the development of Great Eastern Sun Vision in each of our neighborhoods. The spread of mindful, awake community as our fundamental environment for our daily life is the manifestation of Chogyam Trungpa and Sakyong Mipham’s teachings.

If you have questions about the Deleks or would like to begin to organize your local area with a start up meeting, please email