Community Gathering

May 4th (2013)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room
    Program Registration is Closed.

    The Sakyong has recently sent a message to the global Shambhala community entitled “The Birth of Society,” to encourage us to explore more personally and deeply the notions of basic goodness and enlightened society. A copy of the letter is here. You can also listen to a reading of the letter here.

    In addition, the DC Center’s Strategic Planning Committee has submitted to the Council their final draft of the strategic plan document, after input from the community and the Council. This is the foundation document for our activities for 2013–2020; you can read the plan here. As we move into the implementation phase, our next steps will be to formulate action items in support of our goals and objectives.

    So May 4 will be a day for us to gather for a group contemplation of “The Birth of Society” in advance of the release on May 7 of the Sakyong’s book The Shambhala Principle: Discovering Humanity’s Hidden Treasure. With this contemplation as ground, we will move on to a discussion and work session around our strategic plan, during which we will gather ideas and input regarding an action plan to support our goals, as well as how we will monitor and evaluate progress as we move forward.


    10:00 AM–Noon: Group contemplation and discussion of “The Birth of Society”

    Noon–1:00 PM: Lunch break—You are invited to bring a brown-bag lunch to share food and conversation during the break; the Center will provide beverages.

    1:00–3:30 PM: Strategic plan work session

    3:30 PM: Social time

    Take some time to read and reflect on “The Birth of Society” and our strategic plan—and make plans to join in our community gathering on May 4!

    For more information, contact Jayne Sutton: [email protected]