Buddhist Studies

Making Friends With Yourself: Pema Chödrön Video Seminar

with Ciprian Iancu

September 14th—October 26th

In this introductory video seminar, blending traditional Buddhist teachings with real-life stories, and deep insight into modern life, Pema shows how we can transcend the negative patterns and attachments that are at the root of our suffering. Continue »

Fundamentals of Buddhism I

with Chris Montone

September 26th—October 3rd

Join us for a two-part class exploring the foundational teachings of Buddhism drawing from the actual sutras of Buddha Shakyamuni. A great introduction to Buddhism for anyone! Continue »

Training the Mind and Awakening the Heart: The Practice of Lojong ONLINE

with Jerry Webster & Anyana Banerjee

November 9th—December 21st

Lojong—which means ‘mind training’ in Tibetan—provides a potent framework for bringing kindness and compassion into daily life. These teachings are an indispensable set of tools for cultivating the awakened heart of compassion and wisdom. Continue »