Getting Started

The Washington DC Shambhala Center provides a variety of ways for newcomers to learn about Shambhala worldwide and start taking advantage of what we offer. Good places to begin include the following areas of our website:

About Shambhala. Get a general introduction to key aspects of the Shambhala global community, including vision, lineage, and span of activity.

What We Offer. Learn about our core offerings—meditation instruction and practice opportunities, a complete path of heart-mind training, contemplative arts activities, and more.

Open Public Sitting. Meet members of the Washington DC Shambhala community and learn to meditate at our weekly Open House. And check out any other weekly public meditation sessions.

Introductory Programs and Events. Receive an in-depth introduction to meditation by taking any of our introductory Way of Shambhala courses or weekend retreats. Or join us for any other public programs or events.

Community. Learn more about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved.