Weekly Dharma Talk & Discussion

with Sharon Doetsch-Kidder

September 13th (2018)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    This evening's topic is: Trust

    This evening's speaker is: Sharon Doetsch-Kidder

    Sharon Doetsch-Kidder is an assistant director in the Shambhala community and volunteers with the Center’s Children and Families program. She has over 14 years experience practicing meditation and Shinshin Toitsu Aikido, a multi-disciplinary way of mind-body training for self-defense and overall health. Her book, Social Change and Intersectional Activism: The Spirit of Social Movement, draws from oral histories of activists lessons and reminders about the pleasures and wonders of social change and the power of kindness and principled action in the face of injustice.

    Details: Everyone is welcome on Thursday evenings to meditate together, hear a dharma talk, and engage in discussion. Talk topics change each week, but each provides a distinct insight into how we can awaken to our “basic goodness”; that is, have a sense of intrinsic dignity and completeness in dealing with our everyday lives which promotes kindness, strength, and wisdom both in ourselves and in how we relate to others in society.

    Each Thursday evening begins with a silent, group meditation session from 7-7:30 in the Main Shrine Room followed by a talk/presentation and group discussion. Those who are new to meditation should plan to arrive at 7pm when a Shambhala-certified instructor provides a brief introduction to meditation practice in another room until the beginning of the talk and discussion at 7:30. After the talk, you're invited to continue the conversation in our reception area over a cup of tea and light snacks.

    We provide these evenings as an offering to the community. No advance registration is necessary and there is no fee to attend. Simply drop in whenever you feel inspired. As a non-profit, all-volunteer organization operating in the DC metropolitan area for over 40 years, we are supported by our members' monthly dues and by voluntary online or onsite donations. All donations are greatly appreciated!  

    First Thursdays:  “Learn to Meditate” Workshop (7-8:30pm)

    On the first Thursday of each month, in lieu of the schedule above, we offer a more in-depth "Learn to Meditate" workshop geared toward newcomers to meditation. The session includes Q&A and discussion, and is followed by refreshments. (There is a fee for this workshop. Please see our calendar for details and registration information.)