Karma: Understanding Consequence and Discovering Awakening

with Ciprian Iancu & Gabe Dayley

February 11th—March 18th

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Room: Main Shrine Room

Open To All

A study of karma, or causation, provides insight into the web of cause and effect created by all of our thoughts, words, and deeds.

This class explores how we can bring awareness and intention to our actions and their impact—from our interactions with family, friends, and colleagues, to how we relate with society and the planet. By means of the subtle and precise analysis of Buddhist psychology, we can illuminate how causes and conditions lead to consequences in our own lives. We will study and contemplate how training in mindfulness and awareness empowers us to cultivate positive discipline, and free ourselves from the trap of habitual patterns that generate negative karma.

The cycle of karmic causation is classically divided into twelve nidanas—links in a chain with each one leading to the next with seeming inevitability. We will learn how these links work together in perpetuating habit, confusion, and suffering, as well as the possibility for insight and liberation at each point or gap in the cycle.

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