Learn to Meditate

February 7th

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  • $35.00 Patron
  • $25.00 Sustaining
  • $15.00 Subsidized
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Room: Main Shrine Room

Open to All

At Learn to Meditate, we offer a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation practice. The session contains instruction and guidance suitable for both first-time and returning visitors.

The program features a presentation of the view of meditation, detailed guided meditation instruction, and time for Q&A and discussion with an experienced instructor. Light refreshments are offered at the end of the evening.

Patron Price: Please register with the Patron Price if you are able. By offering a little more, you help make programs accessible to participants with less financial means. Thank you!

Sustaining Price:
This price is the amount per participant required for the Shambhala Center to cover the costs of the program.

Subsidized Price:
This price allows people with less financial means to attend programs at a discounted rate, supported by the contributions at the ‘Patron Price’ level.

Generosity Policy
: Our Generosity Policy is an option for participants in unique situations for whom none of the above options are appropriate, and helps make programming available to all those who wish to participate. If the subsidized rate is prohibitive for you, the Generosity Policy allows you to offer as much of the fee as you can based on your individual circumstances. Please consider the value of the program and practice generosity at the level appropriate for you. To utilize the Generosity Policy, please email the Registrar at [email protected] before the program. We cannot accept Generosity Policy registrations at the door, so please make arrangements in advance.

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].