Shambhala Day – Morning Celebration

February 5th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    Shambhala Day marks the beginning of the New Year and represents one of the most important traditions in our community. Based on Losar, the traditional Tibetan New Year, the date is calculated astrologically according to the Tibetan lunar calendar and changes every year to coincide with the annual lunar cycle.

    Shambhala Day is an opportunity for fresh start and renewal, as well as a time to let go of unhelpful or harmful patterns. Together, we will enter the New Year of the Earth Boar and welcome its qualities of trustworthiness, simplicity, and honesty.

    Sign up for the Putluck Brunch here.

    9:00 am: Opening Lhasang
    9:30 am: Morning Chants
    9:40 am: Center Director Welcome
    9:50 am: The Elixir of Life: A Birthday Sadhana (for the New Year)
    10:30 am: Shambhala Sadhana: Discovering the Sun of Basic Goodness
    11:45 am: Potluck Brunch (Bring a dish to share!)
    1:00 pm: Shambhala International Address & Request for Donations
    2:00 pm: I Ching reading for the New Year

    Join us for our evening celebration and practice of the Sadhana of Mahamudra. Click here for more information and to register for the evening event.