Neutral Day

February 23rd

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    After the 10-day practice intensive to clear our karmic accumulation of personal, social and environmental chaos at the year’s end, we have a neutral day. In the Shambhala tradition, the neutral day before Shambhala Day is a time to clean and refresh our Center, homes and shrines in preparation for the New Year. Join us at the Shambhala Center for this festive day of cleaning as we clear out the cobwebs and uplift the center.  Cleaning before the New Year is a way of attracting positive drala energy into the environment. It allows us to put energy into uplifting our space to start the year with a sense of freshness, new beginning, openness and possibility.

    Jobs include:
    • Cleaning surfaces
    • Cleaning windows and frames
    • Vacuuming meditation cushions and chairs
    • Damp mop shrine room floors
    • Organizing and discarding

    Uplifting the center space as a group adds some extra fun and zeal to the whole experience. We hope you’ll join us in refreshing and revitalizing our Center this week. As the Sakyong Wangmo says, “cleaning on Neutral Day is a total celebration!” You can read more about Neutral Day in an article by Amanda Hester: Confessions from the Office of Culture and Decorum