Making Friends With Yourself: Pema Chödrön Video Seminar

September 14th—October 26th

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Room: Main Shrine Room

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Are you hard on yourself when remembering past mistakes and hurts? Do you have a strong inner critic who judges and doubts your thoughts, choices, and self-worth? Do you compare yourself to others and feel disappointed with who you are versus who you “should” be? Do you feel stuck repeating old, unhealthy patterns? Do you experience feelings of shame and unworthiness, as if there is something fundamentally wrong with you? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t even know who you are? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this course is for you.

Pema Chödrön has spent over forty years guiding people in making friends with themselves and discovering their own basic goodness. In this video course, recorded in the intimate setting of Gampo Abbey, her home in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Pema shares the Buddhist teachings that get to the heart of how our sense of self develops and functions.

We all have habits of reactivity that hook us and cause us pain. Blending traditional Buddhist teachings with real-life stories, infectious humor, and deep insight into modern life, Pema shows how we can transcend the negative patterns and attachments that are at the root of our suffering. By befriending ourselves and becoming intimate with our deepest vulnerabilities, we create an opportunity for experiencing life fully.

These deep teachings into the true nature of self come from a master teacher beloved by thousands. Join Pema as she guides us in dissolving the barriers we place between ourselves and the world around us and reveals for us the ground of basic goodness, where we can live with limitless joy, wisdom, and compassion toward ourselves and all beings.

This video seminar will include weekly readings, meditation instruction, and guided practice, and be facilitated by experienced teachers from DC Shambhala Center.

Registration Deadline: Monday, Septmber 7, 2020.

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