Turning Toward Conflict with Fearless Compassion

In June of this year, the DC Shambhala Center will join with the Baltimore Shambhala Center to present a weekend workshop on Restorative Circles, a powerful process for working with conflict or trauma. Ann McKnight will lead this experiential program designed to provide a working basis for those who wish to establish this process in … Continue 

Icy Steps

Melting Our Habits

During one of our recent and bitterly cold Thursday nights, I rounded the corner by the Subway to discover what could only be a called a monolithic icefield (by an original southerner’s standards) at the base of the stairs by the Center. Since it was our open house night, this was soon to be a … Continue 


The ‘Mindful Journey’ of Writing a Children’s Book

One of our members, Rob Cimperman, wrote an article for a recent issue of Shambhala Times in which he details his experience authoring a poetic, illustrated children’s book, introducing themes inspired by the legend and teachings of Shambhala — mindfulness, karma and duty to society — to seven to ten year-olds. As Rob notes: “Writing … Continue 



My Shambhala friends of course know about Bodhisattvas.  For other friends who don’t, I tell them  it’s a being who has attained a high level of spiritual realization, is just on the verge of ultimate enlightenment, but who chooses, instead of going beyond, to stay behind and help relieve the suffering of other beings.  Perhaps … Continue 

Gate Keeping

Shambhala Times Article – Dathun on Wheels by Robert French

One of our members, Robert French, wrote an article on his experience at a dathun at Shambhala Mountain Center and the challenges and opportunities of being in a wheelchair while on retreat. Read the article: Dathun on Wheels by Robert French

Open Gate

Courage for New Beginnings

I came home from work recently to find my neighbor’s house dark except for the soft glow of a camping lantern emanating from the living room window. I soon learned that my neighbor had intentionally left all utility bills unpaid to cause the utilities to be turned off in a final attempt to drive out … Continue 

Cabin - outside-200x200

A Modern Yogi

In May I did a 10 day solitary retreat among the mountains in Northeast Vermont at Karme Choling, one of Shambhala’s land centers for group and individual retreats. This was an opportunity for me to deepen the practices that I have learned in the four years that I have been with Shambhala, participating in their … Continue 


Grateful Leadership

This is the sixth in a series of articles based on the Six Ways of Ruling, a teaching that was first presented by the founder of Shambhala, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, in 1978 and further expounded upon by his son, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, in his book Ruling Your World (Chapters 22-23). The “Six Ways” are qualities … Continue 

Vaudeville hook

Shenpa – Unhooking Habitual Patterns

Synopsis – Have you ever been in a heated argument and you have no idea how you got to this angry place? If you trace back far enough you’ll see that initially there was an instance when something irritated you. And that irritation triggered a response for some immediate relief. Almost immediately that response triggers … Continue 


DC Premiere of An Uncommon King

In truth the seeds for An Uncommon King began in the mind of the Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche as he stood in the mountains of Tibet watching the destruction of his country. Before his harrowing escape, he told his brother Damchö Rinpoche that he wanted to start a family lineage. Trungpa Rinpoche told him that … Continue 

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