Welcome to the
Shambhala Meditation Community
of  Washington, DC

Training DC to meditate for over 40 years.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and being unable to safely hold in-person gatherings for so long, in March 2021 the Shambhala Center community decided to vacate the space it had been leasing in Cleveland Park and go virtual. While we look forward to the day when we can safely rent space and gather again in person, we invite you to check out our calendar and join us online!

Shambhala has been an anchor of meditation-based training in the DC area since the 1970’s. Our core teaching is that everyone has a nature of fundamental “basic goodness.” Awakening to the basic goodness in ourselves, others, and in society itself brings a sense of genuine confidence, ethical discipline, and skillfulness to effect positive change in our world. While Shambhala is rooted in Buddhism, our public offerings are open and accessible to all, regardless of religious tradition. We are a friendly and welcoming community, offering a variety of online classes, community events, and free-of-charge public meditation sessions.

Take a look at our upcoming programs and events and begin your journey today!

Upcoming Programs and Events

Responding to Conflict with Compassion - Online Workshop & Book Club

with Judy Tso & Julie Minde

January 16th—November 19th

NEXT MEETING FEBRUARY 20! Join us on third Tuesday nights for this ongoing monthly workshop and book club, where we explore practices that bridge mindfulness, self-awareness, and managing conflict, working with excellent trained facilitators from our own Continue »

Local DC Chat Group on Zoom - Sons & Daughters of Noble Family

April 7th—October 20th

Join us for an hour of chat after watching the Sons & Daughters of Noble Family sessions presented by Karme Choling. Friends from our local DC center will gather to talk about ideas and experiences -- and perhaps inspire each other for moving forward..... Continue »

Engaging with Life, Death, and Loss

June 17th

An ongoing monthly working group to help each other prepare for death. Newcomers are welcome. Our monthly meetings include meditation, discussion, and contemplation, drawing on our Buddhist teachings. Continue »

NEW! In-Person Sitting at Seekers Church

June 22nd

Join us Saturday, June 22 -- in person -- at 9:00 am at the Seekers Church in Takoma, DC, for group meditation in a warm, supportive environment, followed by brunch at nearby Busboys & Poets. Continue »

Continuing Education For Meditation Instructors: Weekend 3

June 22nd—June 23rd

Join us in person or online for this third of three continuing education courses on how to give meditation instruction to others. If you’re a member specifically intending to continue your path as a meditation instructor in the Shambhala community, please Continue »

Ongoing Offerings

There are no programs at this time