Fundamentals of Buddhism I

with Chris Montone

September 26th—October 3rd

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What did the Buddha actually teach?

The earliest teachings of the Buddha presented a schema for understanding why there is suffering, how it manifests, the role that ego plays in perpetuating it, and the way out—the path to enlightenment.

In this two-part offering (Sep. 26 & Oct. 3), we'll explore what Shakyamuni Buddha actually taught in the First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma, commonly referred to as the "Hinayana" teachings. Together we'll survey the principal teachings, with references to the sutras (original written form of the oral teachings of the Buddha), contemplations, and discussion.

Topics to be covered include: 

1.       Overview of the Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma

2.       The Five Paths

3.       The Four Mistaken Views

4.       The Four Reminders

5.       The Four Noble Truths

6.       The Noble Eightfold Path

7.       The 12 Nidanas

8.       The Three Trainings (ShilaSamadhi, and Prajna)

9.       The Ten Non-virtuous Actions

10.   The Five Skandhas

11.   The Eight Consciousnesses

Who is this for? Anyone who has been curious to learn more about what the Buddha taught (not just the commentaries)! Shambhala teachers and senior students are also encouraged to attend and share their knowledge and experience with these teachings.

BONUS: After attending the class, you will be given access to view and download the PowerPoint slides used during the class. 

Join us online via Zoom.

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